iko.real estate

catalyst for 21st century living


To redefine the visual identity and articulate the vision of IKOGEST. The new identity needed to reaffirm their corporate philosophy and culture, by embracing a vision of architectural and urban planning projects that place man and nature within a sustainable development perspective. The logo therefore needed to take on different roles, in terms of aesthetics and symbolism.


The brand was updated by creating a new name, IKO. This simultaneously reflects and acts as a catalyst for 21st century living spaces – ‘live, work & leisure’. This unique brand stands out through its design and the values it embodies. It seeks harmony between both its name and graphic statement. The brand has revitalised their business vision which places people at the heart of urban planning projects, with a goal towards sustainable and eco-responsible development. Created using the ‘golden number’ method, the brand’s logo and entire visual identity simultaneously reflect harmony and strength.

BIL Group

Come for a job, stay for a career