Les parents à l'école

From parents to ambassadors

SCRIPT (Service de Coordination de la Recherche et de l'Innovation pédagogiques et technologiques) is an entity of the Ministry of National Education, Children and Youth (MENJE).

Year 2019
What we did Branding, Digital, Editorial design


The idea was to bring parents in the project, so they can be involved in their children education and become ambassadors between the teachers and the Ministry.


We wanted this campaign to appeal to parents and for the brochure to stand out from all the other materials we receive every day at home. For this reason, we have decided to work with illustrations: a language that is positive and close to children. This colorful and animated graphic treatment aims to give lightness and joy to the subject, so that parents feel the desire to participate, for the future of their children. The "testimonials" give a multicultural face to the parents who already participate, creating an identification with potential new candidates.

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