CHC – 2030

Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg

A citizens’ forum aimed at gaining insights for the future by giving a voice to citizens. The forum was hosted on the net and through public forums, and Lola was responsible for producing brochures which presented and closed the topics discussed on the forum. The graphic thread was expressed by using different views. This principle is in line with the spirit and approach of the Chamber of Commerce, who wanted to collect different perspectives on the future of citizens.

1_2030_mockup_poster_1 2.1_2030_mockup_poster_2 2.2_2030_mockup_poster_3 3_2030_12_Badges 4_2030_cdv_mockup 5_2030.lu_r1 6_IMG_0155 7.1_IMG_0158 7.2_IMG_0168 8.1_IMG_0164 8.2_IMG_0165 10_IMG_0171

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