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Ministère des sports


Ville de Luxembourg


Creating the visual identity for the “Maison du Luxembourg” at the 2024 Paris Olympics, a joint venture by Luxembourg’s government and the Olympic Committee. Situated at the Jean Bouin Stadium, this space is envisioned as a hub for networking and gathering, celebrating Luxembourg’s culture and values on the global stage, and encouraging diverse exchanges among the Olympic nations.


We imagined a design drawing on aerodynamics to symbolize both the thrill of sport and Luxembourg’s spirit of openness and movement. The curved flowing line not only captures the essence of motion but also maps the journey from Luxembourg to Paris, embracing global connection. It morphs into the outline of an arena’s roof, suggesting a welcoming space for gathering—a « home away from home » where cultures unite. Vibrant and dynamic, this design celebrates Luxembourg’s exchange with the world, all under one roof.

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